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Welcome to MN Physiotherapy Clinic

We are dedicated to providing effective physiological therapeutic services that are individualized based on the needs of our clients. You can count on us to work with you to find the therapy that best fits your needs.

With us, you can play an active role in making decisions about your health and give importance to your needs, preferences, and health goals.

What We Treat

  • Back Pain
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Ankle Sprain
  • Lateral Epicondylitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Motor Vehicular Accident
  • Pre-Operative Ankle, Knee, Hip, Wrist, Elbow Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Total Knee, Hip, Shoulder Replacement
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Whiplash/Neck Pain
  • Postural Dysfunction/ Scoliosis, Kyphosis
  • Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Temporomandibular Joint Pain
  • Incontinence/ Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Work-Related Injuries
  • Sports-Related Injuries
  • Lymphedema
  • Acute & Chronic Swelling
  • Post - Mastectomy
  • Benign Positional Vertigo
  • Bursitis

Services We Offer

We take a collaborative approach when it comes to providing our clients with services. Our goal is to address your health needs so you can achieve a wholesome lifestyle and healthy living.

Massage Therapy

Our professionals are trained to help you relieve joint and muscle pain.

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Physical Therapy

We can assess your condition to create a treatment plan that will guide us in our sessions.

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Lymphedema Therapy

Treatment that can help you manage pain and reduce inflammation.

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View More Services

Read on to see how else we can help you manage your physiological health conditions.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to improve the health and wellness of individuals in the Durham area by focusing on the rehabilitation of sports-related injuries and orthopedic conditions.

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Kevin Potts2/09/2020

I was originally referred to MN Physiotherapy by a friend after a knee surgery.I found the staff to be very friendly, customer service oriented and knowledgeable. I have since directed many friends and coworkers to the various services provided at the clinic and not one of them has been disappointed.

Matthew Timothy Havana1/27/2020
positive review 

Therapist are very knowledgeable and professionals. They also have a very friendly customer service. Fully Equip with advance technology for treatment. Their clinic is clean and cozy. I will give them 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

Lopez Chito1/25/2020
positive review 

Excellent service, friendly and accomodating staff

P Brent12/09/2019

I have been recently been having physiotherapy at MN. The treatments have all helped in targeting the exacts areas of muscle and tissue - noticeably improving my back, and shoulders. Thank you Chona, and the others there for excellent treatment and care.

Stephan A. Borau11/24/2019

I have found the treatment provided by Merinisa to be first rate. She is very knowledgeable and professional, clearly explaining what the injury is and how treatment is going to work. She quickly diagnosed my injury (bicep tendon) and has recommended a good regimen to help me recover. Merinisa is a good healer and a great physiotherapist.

Her support staff are also excellent. I’m very pleased with my experience at this clinic.

Grant Ewen11/23/2019

Rizza is such a sweet person, her main interest is to have you feeling well. 😊

Del Mandap11/20/2019

Other professional physiotherapists are obviously more after the income they make from each patient. There is no personal touch to somehow make the patient feel that they sincerely care about the progress of their patient's condition. Definitely NOT the case with MN PHYSIOTHERAPY Clinic, owned and managed my Merinisa RIZA Natada. She treats me and my husband with such respect and professionalism. She takes time to carefully explain what needs to be done both by her as the physiotherapist, and us, her patients, to achieve wellness. She has gained our trust and confidence in her ability to make a positive difference. Thank you, Riza. May your tribe increase!

Vickie Hennessy11/19/2019
positive review 

I highly recommend Merinisa. She truly cares about your recovery and is very knowledgeable and friendly. I actually look forward to physiotherapy appointments! :)


Love the service love the people

Marion Anderson11/08/2019

I have been going to MN Physiotherapy for almost a year now, seeing both Merinisa Natada for Physiotherapy and Franklin Jimenez for Massage.I have found both Merinisa and Franklin to be professional, kind, caring, knowledgable, respectful, so helpful and I thank both of you deeply for all the help you have given. I highly recommend Merinisa for Physiotherapy and Franklin for Massage Therapy.

Ameed Shahin9/22/2019

Great facility. State of the art equipment. Love the private session feel. Highly recommended

Casey Calara8/22/2019

I've been visiting MN Physiotherapy Clinic nearly every week for physiotherapy and massage therapy. This clinic is my go-to for getting nearly every type of therapy to mitigate muscle/joint/bone pains. Huge shout out to Merinisa and Frank. For Merinisa, I saw her for physiotherapy. She has been practicing for many years and her experience really shows; she answered my questions at a high level and she diagnosed different concerns with my bone structure that I have never even thought too much about! Her client-facing skills are top-notch and I believe she can work well with diverse patients. She's extremely easy to talk to and makes the entire session a fun experience.My massage therapy with Frank was also really good. He did a phenomenal job in getting rid of the knots in my shoulders and back. The pain I've been experiencing for the past months pretty much vanished. (The music played at every session is also very relaxing btw.)Overall, I highly recommend MN Physiotherapy Clinic! :)

Cassie Niles8/22/2019

PCL tear. I originally picked this location because it was conveniently located by my work and daycare. Merinisa and her assistant noticed the instability in my leg long before it was diagnosed by the MRI. They had me on a good excersize plan and made sure I had everything I needed to assist during my recovery . They were also very accommodating with my son who sometimes had to accompany me. It's a Very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Suzette Vitale8/22/2019

Client centered care.

Casey Calara8/15/2019
positive review 

I've been visiting MN Physiotherapy Clinic nearly every week for physiotherapy and massage therapy. This clinic is my go-to for getting nearly every type of therapy to mitigate muscle/joint/bone pains. Huge shout out to Merinisa and Frank.

For Merinisa, I saw her for physiotherapy. She has been practicing for many years and her experience really shows; she answered my questions at a high level and she diagnosed different concerns with my bone structure that I have never even thought too much about! Her client-facing skills are top-notch and I believe she can work well with diverse patients. She's extremely easy to talk to and makes the entire session a fun experience.

My massage therapy with Frank was also really good. He did a phenomenal job in getting rid of the knots in my shoulders and back. The pain I've been experiencing for the past months pretty much vanished. (The music played at every session is also very relaxing btw.)

Overall, I highly recommend MN Physiotherapy Clinic! :)

Dee Duntin8/13/2019
positive review 

The team at MNPhysiotherapy are very thorough, making sure that your therapy needs are met, ensuring that positive results are achieved. I would definitely recommend them.

Shelly Andrews-Bugera8/01/2019
positive review 

Great service- very knowledgeable and friendly.

Micabelle Leonardo7/22/2019

The service at this clinic are excellent. I highly recommended to any one who have any back problem.

Chona Dizon7/22/2019

Merinisa, the physiotherapist spends time to address my issues and deliver personalized treatment and won't just hook you to a machine.

Zeynab Shakouri7/09/2019

I and my husband have been her patients for years. She is very kind, knowledgeable and experienced and the best physiotherapist in Oshawa Clinic Physiotherapy.

Zeynab Shakouri

Akbar Zargar7/09/2019

I and my wife have been her patient for years. She is very kind, knowledgeable and experienced and the best physiotherapist in Oshawa Clinic Physiotherapy.

Akbar Zargar

Surlita Esaga6/30/2019
positive review 

Excellent service, very helpful staff and treatment effective the best therapists I ever encountered.

Pablito Leonardo6/22/2019

Friendly environment they’re very accommodating and excellent service massage and physio.

Craig Knight Ph.D.6/22/2019

Caring people!!!

Norma Singh6/22/2019

Very knowledgeable Physiotherapist. Very easy to deal with. Location is very convenient. Can accommodate client from Monday to Sunday. Highly recommended.

syl geo5/22/2019

I first came to MN Physiotherapy Clinic six weeks after ankle surgery to repair a trimalleolar fracture and could bear no weight. Merinisa Natada is a unique individual with a very pleasant manner that shines through as she maintains a high degree of professionalism and ensures that the equipment is sanitized after each use. She has the expertise to vary the treatment and exercise routine depending on the progression of the healing. It is because of Merinisa and her assistant, Paolo, that I am able to walk again. Great work ethic. Highly recommended.

Mary Wareham5/22/2019

My husband came here after his total hip replacement. They did a great job. While I was waiting for him, I also had treatment for my arthritic shoulders. We are very happy with the service, very pleasant environment and very professional.I would highly recommend MN Physiotherapy Clinic at Mc Laughlin Square.

Issam Fh5/22/2019

The most amazing thing is she will let you know everything about the details of the body and muscles and explain what causes the injury and how will be treated ...

Grant Ewen5/06/2019
positive review 

Excellent service with customized treatments to suit your needs. I've already recommended to several of my friends.

Kathy Bihun4/22/2019

MN Physiotherapy Clinic, which is located in McLaughlin Square, is a relatively new clinic. The physiotherapist, Merinisa Natada is without question, the most courteous, professional, respectful and knowledgeable physiotherapist I have ever encountered. She makes you feel extremely comfortable as she answers all of your concerns and expertly plans your recovery route. Her associates are very knowledgeable and professional as well. I would never hesitate in highly recommending MN Physiotherapy, you will be so glad you tried it.

Vadner Cineas2/23/2019

She is very knowledgeable, explains the procedures, and why she is doing this or that. I highly recommend her, and she has her own clinic as well. Google her, and you will be happy to see how good of a therapy you can have.

Mary Wareham2/13/2019
positive review 

Therapist is very knowledgeable and will even take couples.

Li ERON12/22/2018

I've been suffering from lower back pain caused by degenerative problem. I have been to many places hoping to alleviate a sometimes debilitating and crippling pains. I'm hard to please because I think treatment of stuff like this has to be a little personal and I need certain connections to the one treating me. Merinisa (Physiotherapist) made me feel comfortable and made me felt home. Her treatment works for me and so I let her handle the regular treatment. Surprisingly, the pain on my lower back has been manageable. Let me also mention Frank (Massage Therapist) at MN Physiotherapy Clinic does an amazing job with his unique and therapeutic style. I highly recommend to try this clinic in the heart of Oshawa. Located conveniently....

Jason Weir11/22/2018

Given my many injuries through the years I have had many people treat me. What I haven’t had is someone go so far above and beyond in both professionalism and in general care. There is no way I could have gotten to this point this quickly without my physiotherapist care and guidance.

Leonardo Dela Cruz11/22/2018

Awesome service!!!

Niels Viax11/22/2018

Very Nice!

Ressie Ann Morada5/23/2018

Excellent service friendly and can positively ensure the fast recovery of patient...

Merinisa Dela Cruz5/23/2018

One on one individualized treatment and exercises supervision. Exercises using body weight, theraband, ankle weights and dumbbell that can easily reproduce at home in performing your home exercise program. The practical way of doing the exercise without worrying of machines to be use at home but it also increases compliance and speed up the recovery process.

Kim Ste Croix8/21/2017

She is amazing lady and very passionate about her work. She worked with my daughter and explained everything she done. She left my daughter with exercises to do and if she had problems to contact her. We have never had this before. My daughter had a lot of knee issues and she helped her get strength back and helped her with her hip. She is very highly recommended.

Marjorie Sanger7/22/2017

Merinisa had been wonderful, when I came for treatment I’m in severe pain and can’t walk and after being treated by her I have no pain. I am so impressed with her..
Thank you Merinisa

John A. Coffey11/12/2016

I have been receiving treatment from Merinisa over the past two years and I find her to be very personable. She takes the time to explain the cause of the pain and the best treatment to correct it.When I leave her office I feel great. She is very informative & knowledgeable and it has been my pleasure to receive treatment from her.
She is awesome. I would recommend her 100%!
Thanks ever so much Merinisa

Leo Cruz10/17/2016

Nice comfortable clean clinic and the treatments are very professional . Easy access and I will schedule my treatments
Every Monday Wednesday & Friday.


I’m a man in my early 30’s diagnosed with osteo arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my spine, and until my regular sessions with Merinisa, not only was I on so much pain I could no longer work at the time, but my stress levels were through the roof. Merinisa took time to completely understand what was bothering me, and not only provided custom treatment, but education on the many things that could help me. I have taken her advice and will continue to see her as a patient for years to come. I am currently back to work and with her treatment and advice in conjunction with my family doctor I am now back to work and managing my pain well.

Thank you Merinisa Natada


Merinisa is an excellent Physiotherapist and I have been fortunate to be under her care. She is very knowledgeable and professional and has a wonderful personality. I have seen several physiotherapists over the years for various injuries but will be returning to see Merinisa the next time I am in need of treatment. Thanks Merinisa

Zenaida Aguirre10/08/2016

Merinisa is my physiotherapist second time now helping me relieve the pain caused by my knee osteoarthritis. I requested to be assigned to her again. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field; able to answer all my questions and concerns. She shares with me the do’s and don’ts in taking care of my knee arthritis. I look forward going for my treatment twice a week because she makes me feel better going home.

James A Davis10/07/2016

I’ve had numerous physiotherapist’s over the years for work related injuries,never have I had the 3 prime characteristics in my practitioner, KNOWLEDGE,SKILL,PERSONALITY . Merinisia has been a breathe of freedom from my pain and anxieties associated with my injuries and support any further treatment to myself and to others that may cross her path ,as I know they will be treated with respect and care and get relief from there injury.

Ken Gunn10/06/2016

Merinisa are taking very good care of my problem, Take time doing to do what is necessary. Very friendly and efficient. Thank you Merinisa for getting me better.

Francine St. Aubin10/06/2016

Merinisa has been very helpful with my shoulder. I have bursitis in the shoulder and I been feeling stress wondering how long this will last. Within the first four treatments , Marinisa has reassured me that my shoulder will heal . I have noticed a big difference with the treatment and the exercises that she has giving me. Her friendly mannerisms is a wonderful added bonus to my treatment..

Cindy Giles10/05/2016

Marinessia is not only very personable but very informative & knowledgeable and has been awesome with my treatment. Would recommend her 100%

Dianne Gerhard10/03/2016

Excellent service very accommodating, friendly and helps me a lot to get better.

Eleanor Kowa10/03/2016

Excellent, very friendly and price wise I’m saving with my insurance. I’m very pleased with the result of my treatment. I’m very satisfied with my treatment as I’m getting better rather than taking pills.

Raquel Evason10/03/2016

Merinisa Helping me relieving my pain and help me to function well. Excellent Physiotherapist I ever had so I keep coming back with her with different problems. Waiting period was too long to get appointment with her for almost 6 weeks waiting period but it’s worthed to wait.

Kathy Bihun10/03/2016

My 87 year old mother was fortunate enough to experience physiotherapy from a truly capable and conscientious therapist, Merinisa. Not only is Merinisa extremely knowledgeable and current in her treatment procedures but she acknowledges all the health issues of her patients/clients and addresses their worries and concerns. As I am the primary care giver for my mother who has many health issues, I have seen individuals in the medical profession often be dismissive to the elderly, not being patient enough to listen to what they have to say. It is so refreshing to encounter an individual such as Merinisa who is patient, kind and professional. What a credit to the Oshawa Clinic Phusiotherapy.
My mom has worked with other physiotherapists at this clinic and I must say that everyone whom we have encountered is one hundred percent professional and courteous. The administrative staff and assistants are also outstanding. This is the only physiotherapy clinic I would ever consider.

Lana Warde10/03/2016

The treatment my daughter has received from Marinissa was well administrated . I think it helped to improve my daughter ‘s conditions and she was able to continue to do her sports. I would recommend Merinisa to my friends

Muslim Hassan10/02/2016

I have been fortunate to have Merinisa as my physiotherapist for the last ten years. She was introduced to me after my knee operation and under her care I was back on my feet in no time.
Merinisa is very professional and keeps herself updated with the latest methods and innovations in the physiotherapy field. She is pleasant to deal with and truly cares about the patients well being.
In addition to her expert manual techniques she is also highly skilled in the use of machines to control pain and promote healing.
I highly recommend Merinisa Natada

Marianne Brittain9/29/2016

Very ,very good ,the help I have received relieved much of my pain. The therapy was administered very professionally. Marinessa is a very nice professional person with a good personality I would highly recommend her and her assistant John any time.

Maria Vanderkely9/27/2016

Very sweet lady and I like her very much.I know her already for long time.


Very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Takes keen interest in the recovery of the patient and is always cheerful and encouraging no matter what.
Easily the best physiotherapist I have ever visited
Thank you for healing me so quickly MN

Mary Patterson y1/01/1970

Feemerenisa has been my Physiotherapist for many years I always found her very helpful and efficient
She has always been able to diagnose the problem and apply the required treatments she is a valuable asset to her profession and to her patients and colleagues

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