Physiotherapist Assistant


Alaine Orolfo is a licensed physiotherapist who completed a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in the Philippines. After graduation, he worked for three years in a clinic where he gained valuable experience in neurologic, pediatrics, and geriatrics cases. During this time, Alaine utilized his knowledge and skills acquired in school and applied them in practical situations. He also learned from other clinics, further honing his ability to provide high-quality care to his patients.
In pursuit of his career, Alaine decided to move to Canada to become a full-fledged Canadian physiotherapist. With the support of MN Physiotherapy, he is currently undergoing training to meet the requirements needed to practice his profession in Canada. Alaine is eager to continue learning and growing as a professional, so he can deliver excellent service to his clients in Canada. His dedication to his work and passion for helping others make him an excellent addition to the field of physiotherapy.

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50 Richmond St. E, Suite 107 Oshawa, ON
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