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Some people think that physiotherapy is only for athletes or injured people. But when you look deep into the capabilities and knowledge of a physiotherapist, you will be able to tell that they can cater to people of all ages and gender. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a professional, or a mother, physiotherapy can help you in several ways you can’t imagine!

Seniors are enjoying life longer than the previous generations. Together with this extension of years on Earth comes with possibility of suffering from a range of health issues. It can be in the form of an arthritis, muscle stiffness, back pain, or immobility. Seniors are also prone to break a bone or two after a fall. This could lead to a set of health issues that might need care from a team of health professionals.

In What Way Will Physiotherapy Benefit the Seniors?

Luckily, there are health issues in seniors that can be prevented with the help of physiotherapy. In case an injury has already occurred, there are still cases that it can be treated or managed by physiotherapists.

There are a number of ways that seniors can benefit from having physiotherapy sessions. In this article, we will be discussing how physiotherapy can help in pain reduction. Read on to learn more.

Pain Management

For seniors who are experiencing pain at the back, knee, neck, joint or other areas of the body, it could be due to inactivity, weak muscles or limited blood flow. Unfortunately, this experience may lead to pain-related fear and in cases of chronic pain, affected people may feel helpless causing negative physiotherapy outcomes.

Physiotherapists in MN Physiotherapy Clinic understands the reason behind your decision to avoid pain-related activities. We also know that over time, this behavior will facilitate a downward trend of your condition. We do not want that to happen to you. Through the strategies listed below, we hope to make an outstanding positive result to the pain you are experiencing right now.

Pain Education

If you will allow us to be part of your pain management, we will plan together as a team on what should be and not be in your therapy. Our experienced physiotherapists will deliver the pain education you need to get the idea on how the pain works. You are open to discuss your fears and questions every session for us to be aware of where you are in terms of your condition.



Our physiotherapists will also provide reassurance through outlining the typical recovery trajectory, inform you about red flags that you should be watching out, and a quick guide on figuring out if the pain is coming from a tissue damage.

This vital component of our therapy will promote the reduction of your anxiety and doubts and may change your beliefs as we try to explain everything based from our medical knowledge and opinion. We promise that we will listen to you and support you all the way.

Activity Encouragement

This intervention is what we use to involve you in our goal of becoming physically active again. We would want you to understand that physical activity is safe for individuals experiencing pain, whether it is acute or chronic. Physical activity is, in fact, good for the health as much as for the prevention of prolonged disability.

Our physiotherapists can identify that this part could be challenging for you to do. It is, of course, difficult to shift your focus from the pain to increasing your level of activity. However, give it a try and let our physiotherapists become your health coach!

Make an action now!

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