Azucena Plante

This clinic is an awsome place to go in time of pain. Both my left & right shoulders had surgery from year of lifting heavy Alzheimers patients. Merinisa did a great job in my pains. I thank God for her amazing work in helping all her patients.

Maria Jawa

Finding this clinic was a huge blessing for me as a healthcare worker. My job makes me vulnerable to all sorts of injuries in my arms and shoulders. MN Physiotherapy is instrumental in my journey to have a new-found strength to have a renewed vigor in performing my tasks after my injuries.

Dawn Duckworth

Awsome clinic! I drove 6 hours every session and it was worth it. Adam & Merinisa are such great support and I walk with confidence now.

Deidre Duntin

Merinisa and her team are experienced, patient,kind,committed, and thorough in their work. Prior to attending, I could not go up and down stairs, now with assistance of the clinic, I am able to do so and I feel like I have a new look on life.

Gwen ness

When I first started I was unable to go from a sitting position to a standing position. I now have learned to do this and I wholeheartedly learned that the Physiotherapist is quite knowledgable in all areas.

Augustine Eradejaye

I hurt my shoulder at work and I was in a lot of pain. My family doctor advised I visit a physiotherapist. When I found Merinisa, she is one of the kindest and skilled individuals I've met, and a true professional. From my first appointment I felt relief and healing in my shoulder. Im grateful for her dedication and hard work towards me.

May Remo

I had an excellent experience. She did a thorough examination on my hand and did some exercise to determine what kind of treatment is needed. After a few more visits I noticed a huge change on my hand and the pain is gone. Merinisa is very hands on and makes sure that I'm well taken care of.

Sandra Hunt

I first heard about the program from my orthopaedic surgeon at Sunnybrook hospital. Having had two knee replacements I was now having trouble with my right hip. Now at the end of six weeks I am able to do 30 sit to stands holding 3 lb. with no support. There were time I thought I couldnt do it, but with the support and encouragement from Merinisa & Adam I am now much stronger and no longer have pain in my hip.

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  • Dee Duntin Avatar
    Dee Duntin

    Exceptional Clinic! I have been attending this clinic since I had my revision knee surgery. The staff there are very... read more

    Don Charkavi Avatar
    Don Charkavi
    positive review 
    11/07/2020 - Facebook

    I was having pain at the (medial) inside of my left knee. It caused me difficulty sleeping on my side.... read more

    Happy Patel Avatar
    Happy Patel

    Excellent Clinic. I got injured during the COVID-19 pandemic and due to the situation of lock-down, Physiotherapist Merinisa was unable... read more

  • Kevin Potts Avatar
    Kevin Potts

    I was originally referred to MN Physiotherapy by a friend after a knee surgery.I found the staff to be very... read more

    Matthew Timothy Havana Avatar
    Matthew Timothy Havana
    positive review 
    1/27/2020 - Facebook

    Therapist are very knowledgeable and professionals. They also have a very friendly customer service. Fully Equip with advance technology for... read more

    Lopez Chito Avatar
    Lopez Chito
    positive review 
    1/25/2020 - Facebook

    Excellent service, friendly and accomodating staff

  • P Brent Avatar
    P Brent

    I have been recently been having physiotherapy at MN. The treatments have all helped in targeting the exacts areas of... read more

    Stephan A. Borau Avatar
    Stephan A. Borau

    I have found the treatment provided by Merinisa to be first rate. She is very knowledgeable and professional, clearly explaining... read more

    Grant Ewen Avatar
    Grant Ewen
    11/23/2019 - Google

    Rizza is such a sweet person, her main interest is to have you feeling well. 😊

  • Del Mandap Avatar
    Del Mandap
    11/20/2019 - Google

    Other professional physiotherapists are obviously more after the income they make from each patient. There is no personal touch to... read more

    Vickie Hennessy Avatar
    Vickie Hennessy
    positive review 
    11/19/2019 - Facebook

    I highly recommend Merinisa. She truly cares about your recovery and is very knowledgeable and friendly. I actually look forward... read more

    11/19/2019 - Google

    Love the service love the people

  • Marion Anderson Avatar
    Marion Anderson
    11/08/2019 - Google

    I have been going to MN Physiotherapy for almost a year now, seeing both Merinisa Natada for Physiotherapy and Franklin... read more

    Ameed Shahin Avatar
    Ameed Shahin
    9/22/2019 - Google

    Great facility. State of the art equipment. Love the private session feel. Highly recommended

    Casey Calara Avatar
    Casey Calara
    8/22/2019 - Google

    I've been visiting MN Physiotherapy Clinic nearly every week for physiotherapy and massage therapy. This clinic is my go-to for... read more

  • Cassie Niles Avatar
    Cassie Niles
    8/22/2019 - Google

    PCL tear. I originally picked this location because it was conveniently located by my work and daycare. Merinisa and her... read more

    Suzette Vitale Avatar
    Suzette Vitale
    8/22/2019 - Google

    Client centered care.

    Casey Calara Avatar
    Casey Calara
    positive review 
    8/15/2019 - Facebook

    I've been visiting MN Physiotherapy Clinic nearly every week for physiotherapy and massage therapy. This clinic is my go-to for... read more

  • Dee Duntin Avatar
    Dee Duntin
    positive review 
    8/13/2019 - Facebook

    The team at MNPhysiotherapy are very thorough, making sure that your therapy needs are met, ensuring that positive results are... read more

    Shelly Andrews-Bugera Avatar
    Shelly Andrews-Bugera
    positive review 
    8/01/2019 - Facebook

    Great service- very knowledgeable and friendly.

    Micabelle Leonardo Avatar
    Micabelle Leonardo
    7/22/2019 - Google

    The service at this clinic are excellent. I highly recommended to any one who have any back problem.

  • Chona Dizon Avatar
    Chona Dizon
    7/22/2019 - Google

    Merinisa, the physiotherapist spends time to address my issues and deliver personalized treatment and won't just hook you to a machine.

    Zeynab Shakouri Avatar
    Zeynab Shakouri

    I and my husband have been her patients for years. She is very kind, knowledgeable and experienced and the best... read more

    Akbar Zargar Avatar
    Akbar Zargar

    I and my wife have been her patient for years. She is very kind, knowledgeable and experienced and the best... read more

  • Surlita Esaga Avatar
    Surlita Esaga
    positive review 
    6/30/2019 - Facebook

    Excellent service, very helpful staff and treatment effective the best therapists I ever encountered.

    Pablito Leonardo Avatar
    Pablito Leonardo
    6/22/2019 - Google

    Friendly environment they’re very accommodating and excellent service massage and physio.

    Craig Knight Ph.D. Avatar
    Craig Knight Ph.D.
    6/22/2019 - Google

    Caring people!!!

  • Norma Singh Avatar
    Norma Singh
    6/22/2019 - Google

    Very knowledgeable Physiotherapist. Very easy to deal with. Location is very convenient. Can accommodate client from Monday to Sunday.... read more

    syl geo Avatar
    syl geo
    5/22/2019 - Google

    I first came to MN Physiotherapy Clinic six weeks after ankle surgery to repair a trimalleolar fracture and could bear... read more

    Mary Wareham Avatar
    Mary Wareham
    5/22/2019 - Google

    My husband came here after his total hip replacement. They did a great job. While I was waiting... read more

  • Issam Fh Avatar
    Issam Fh
    5/22/2019 - Google

    The most amazing thing is she will let you know everything about the details of the body and muscles and... read more

    Grant Ewen Avatar
    Grant Ewen
    positive review 
    5/06/2019 - Facebook

    Excellent service with customized treatments to suit your needs. I've already recommended to several of my friends.

    Kathy Bihun Avatar
    Kathy Bihun
    4/22/2019 - Google

    MN Physiotherapy Clinic, which is located in McLaughlin Square, is a relatively new clinic. The physiotherapist, Merinisa Natada is without... read more

  • Vadner Cineas Avatar
    Vadner Cineas

    She is very knowledgeable, explains the procedures, and why she is doing this or that. I highly recommend her, and... read more

    Mary Wareham Avatar
    Mary Wareham
    positive review 
    2/13/2019 - Facebook

    Therapist is very knowledgeable and will even take couples.

    Li ERON Avatar
    Li ERON
    12/22/2018 - Google

    I've been suffering from lower back pain caused by degenerative problem. I have been to many places hoping to alleviate... read more

  • Jason Weir Avatar
    Jason Weir
    11/22/2018 - Google

    Given my many injuries through the years I have had many people treat me. What I haven’t had is someone... read more

    Leonardo Dela Cruz Avatar
    Leonardo Dela Cruz
    11/22/2018 - Google

    Awesome service!!!

    Niels Viax Avatar
    Niels Viax
    11/22/2018 - Google

    Very Nice!

  • Ressie Ann Morada Avatar
    Ressie Ann Morada
    5/23/2018 - Facebook

    Excellent service friendly and can positively ensure the fast recovery of patient...

    Merinisa Dela Cruz Avatar
    Merinisa Dela Cruz
    5/23/2018 - Facebook

    One on one individualized treatment and exercises supervision. Exercises using body weight, theraband, ankle weights and dumbbell that can easily... read more

    Marjorie Sanger Avatar
    Marjorie Sanger

    Merinisa had been wonderful, when I came for treatment I’m in severe pain and can’t walk and after being treated... read more

  • Leo Cruz Avatar
    Leo Cruz
    10/17/2016 - Facebook

    Nice comfortable clean clinic and the treatments are very professional . Easy access and I will schedule my treatments
    Every Monday...
    read more

    Shilo Avatar

    I’m a man in my early 30’s diagnosed with osteo arthritis and degenerative disc disease in my spine, and until... read more

    Wayde Avatar

    Merinisa is an excellent Physiotherapist and I have been fortunate to be under her care. She is very knowledgeable and... read more

  • Zenaida Aguirre Avatar
    Zenaida Aguirre

    Merinisa is my physiotherapist second time now helping me relieve the pain caused by my knee osteoarthritis. I requested to... read more

    James A Davis Avatar
    James A Davis

    I’ve had numerous physiotherapist’s over the years for work related injuries,never have I had the 3 prime characteristics in my... read more

    Dianne Gerhard Avatar
    Dianne Gerhard

    Excellent service very accommodating, friendly and helps me a lot to get better.

  • Eleanor Kowa Avatar
    Eleanor Kowa

    Excellent, very friendly and price wise I’m saving with my insurance. I’m very pleased with the result of my treatment.... read more

    Raquel Evason Avatar
    Raquel Evason

    Merinisa Helping me relieving my pain and help me to function well. Excellent Physiotherapist I ever had so I keep... read more

    Lana Warde Avatar
    Lana Warde

    The treatment my daughter has received from Marinissa was well administrated . I think it helped to improve my daughter... read more

  • Muslim Hassan Avatar
    Muslim Hassan

    I have been fortunate to have Merinisa as my physiotherapist for the last ten years. She was introduced to me... read more

    Marianne Brittain Avatar
    Marianne Brittain

    Very ,very good ,the help I have received relieved much of my pain. The therapy was administered very professionally. Marinessa... read more

    MM Avatar

    Very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Takes keen interest in the recovery of the patient and is always cheerful... read more

  • Mary Patterson y Avatar
    Mary Patterson y

    Feemerenisa has been my Physiotherapist for many years I always found her very helpful and efficient
    She has always been able...
    read more

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Durham Lymphedema Center

905 - 571 - 1921
50 Richmond St. E, Suite 107
Oshawa, ON L1G 7C7 Canada


Durham Lymphedema Center

905 - 571 - 1921
50 Richmond St. E, Suite 107
Oshawa, ON L1G 7C7 Canada