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Should People Still See Their Physiotherapists During Social Distancing?

Millions of people are practicing social distancing as advised by the government authorities to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Amid this unprecedented time, will you still be able to see a healthcare provider even if your concern is non-urgent?

What is Telemedicine?

Thanks to technology, we can now consult with a healthcare provider despite the distance, and we call it Telemedicine.
Telemedicine allows connecting the patient and their healthcare provider virtually. Each session is like how consults are made inside the doctor’s clinic.
Telemedicine aligns with the goals of social distancing and healthcare providers. It is the best alternative to continue ongoing care and for follow-up appointments. It is a way to lessen the patients coming into urgent care centers or emergency rooms.

Are Physiotherapists Allowing Patient To Consult Over Telemedicine?

Not only doctors and nurse practitioners can perform telemedicine, but physiotherapists may also do so if they have a secured platform that they can use for the consultation.
MN Physiotherapy Clinic is proud to announce that our clients can download a mobile application called PhysiApp to communicate with our physiotherapists directly. It is a user-friendly app, and we offer to assist anyone who has questions or trouble in using the app. Just call our business phone number, and someone will be happy to guide you.

How to access PhysiApp?

You can download it via Apple App Store or Google Play Store. And once you have downloaded it, you just follow these two simple steps:
Step 1: You will receive a program access code via email or SMS from your Physiotherapist.
Step 2: Enter your access code in PhysiApp to get started.
You may now arrange a scheduled consult with your physiotherapist. The built-in video call can be used on your mobile phone or your computer through When it is time for your online appointment, your physiotherapist will initiate the call.

How To Prepare For The On-screen Communication?

Before your appointment, make sure you are seated comfortably in a well-lit location. If you are using a laptop or computer, put it on a table and open the camera application to view what area is being captured. Also, take note of how you look in the camera – is the camera very low? You might need to adjust it accordingly.
Another thing to keep in mind is to have your medical files reachable. Your health card, current medications (whether a list or the medication container itself), and your notes (where you have written down your questions or observations regarding your complaint) should be beside you during the video call.
When you are organized and has prepared prior to the call, every minute will be maximally utilized. Your time won’t be wasted – avoiding scenarios like looking for that new medication prescribed to you. And your healthcare provider will appreciate your effort.
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